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Strength Made Perfect In Weakness

Live a Creative Dynamic Life in Partnership with God

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The comfortable experience of feeling like you know where you are in relation to God.


The uncomfortable experience of realizing either you are not where you thought you were or God is not where you thought God is. 


A grounding experience of newness as you find yourself and God afresh.

- Walter Brueggemann

The revelation of our illusions creates disorientation. This is uncomfortable because we are most often deluded into thinking we have more power and control than we have. Notice the invitations of limitations and discover new graces inviting you into new possibilities.


Individual and Group Formation

Deep transformation is inseparable from capacity for imagination and courageous action. We offer multiple avenues of cultivating this-- individual and group spiritual direction, Nuos coaching and a variety of topical groups that will help you see new invitations and live from an abundant heart.

Group Discussion

Education and Intensives

Through reading, discussion, contemplative reflection, group spiritual direction and other creative engagement, become equipped as a competent and wise sojourner for the spiritual seeker and open possibilities of deeper relationships with others in your life. 

Formation Offerings

Upcoming and Ongoing
Formation Opportunities and Trainings

I feel like I am finally learning to put off my heavy yoke and take on God's light yoke of love. 

-Tiffin Perkins, New Year Soul Tune-Up participant

Hear more about Nuos Formation's approach to spiritual formation.

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