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Private Enneagram Workshops

Grow your team's effectiveness, creativity, by scheduling an Enneagram workshop for your team. The Enneagram is an ancient personality profiling tool that will help your team grow their self-awareness and EQ.

Private Enneagram Workshops
Private Enneagram Workshops

Time & Location

Coordinate time with Nuos faclitator

Location is TBD


The Enneagram is an ancient tool for profiling personalities. Since the advent of modern psychology, the tool has been further fleshed out by scientific research and has been utilized by coaches and clinicians to help people understand themselves, their co-workers, and loved ones to maximize their individual and collective potential. I have been a student of the Enneagram for over a decade and have found it to be game changing in the ways it can support individuals and teams break new ground in creativity, productivity, and joy in work.

The Enneagram Workshop takes place in 5 movements and can be formatted to fit your time and the specific needs of your team.

• Introduction to the Enneagram

• Discover Your Type

• Learn the Types and how they relate to each other

• Exercises for Practicing Your Best Self

• Name Key Takeaways (personal and team)

Who is this for?

• Work teams • Management and Lead Teams • Community Groups • Groups of Friends


• Schedule a time that works for your team.


• I can come to your office or can host you in the beautiful Nuos Formation studio


• Half-day experiences start at $750 for up to ten people.

About the Facilitator

Julie Barrios, Founder of Nuos Formation, has over a decade of Enneagram experience. She was first exposed to the tool in 2013 while completing her MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. She has been a practicing spiritual director ever since and currently specializes in working with business leaders who seek to grow in EQ and practical wisdom in the ways they discern, cast vision, and create flourishing team ecosystems.

For inquiries, email or fill out the registration form and tell me more about your team.

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