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The Art of Anger

Learn to access and express your anger artfully for greater confidence, advocacy and intimacy. 

Starting February 15.

Increase EQ

Navigate Conflict Better

Get Your Power Back

Anger is commonly seen as wrong or taboo which can generate shame around it whether you experience it often or not. Anger is a gift that when understood, felt, and integrated can increase flourishing.

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What is The Art of Anger?

  • A 6-week group experience designed after the hero's journey to help individuals understand their personal expression of anger, what's underneath it, and how to use it constructively.

  • Six, 90 minute Zoom group coaching sessions with up to six people where you'll engage your anger in embodied ways as a pathway to greater authenticity, advocacy, confidence and connection.

  • A combination of exercises, group processing, instruction and reflective assignments between sessions.

6- Week Overview

Week 1

Discovering Your Anger Paradigm

Understand the value of integrating anger into your life. Explore your beliefs about anger, where they came from and your personal relationship with anger.

Week 4

Releasing Anger

Express your anger physically to discharge it from your body. Gain greater clarity around your experience and feel empowered to act in new ways.

Week 2

Attunement to Physical Sensations

Notice the physical sensations that are present in the midst of strong emotions. Practice letting them inform you to move with courage and grace. 

Week 5

Releasing Resentment

Name how you have felt wronged and choose to forgive the individual(s) who wronged you.

Week 3

Destructive vs. Constructive Anger

Distinguish between expressions of anger that diminish connection and flourishing versus expressions that increase it. Lean into emotions and language that build rather than break.

Week 6

Clarifying, Celebrating & Continuing

Reflect on the past weeks to ask unanswered questions, name and celebrate your progress, and determine how you want to move forward. 

Thursdays from 11:30am-1pm PST from February 15-March 21. (Additional meeting times available upon request.)


$400 per participant (scholarships available)


Who is the Art of Anger for?

The Art of Anger is for any man or woman who is curious about their relationship with anger. It is beneficial for individuals who notice their propensity to react strongly when they feel wronged. It is also for individuals who feel unfamiliar with their anger and have rarely considered themselves angry. 


The value of knowing a new facet of myself and simultaneously gaining a new power source to go through life has been immeasurable.


I came in overwhelmed and guilty about my anger, and by the end I felt confident and empowered to understand anger as a helpful and powerful signal that informs my values, decisions, and relationships.


I would highly suggest thinking about everything you think you know regarding anger, and challenge you that there may be more to learn. 


Group fee is $400

Thanks for registering! Your facilitator will reach out to you soon.

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