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New Year Soul Tune-Up

Reflect on the past year to discern God's presence in it and notice invitations for the coming year. 

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How many times have we made New Year's resolutions only to have forgotten them by February?  So often, our resolutions are pulled from the cultural top ten list of self improvement- lose ten pounds, implement a new budget, stop this bad habit, or start this good one.  These resolutions are rarely crafted from meaningful attunement to personal desires and prayerful, communal reflection.  New Year Soul Tune-Up provides the opportunity to do just that- notice what's been happening in and around you in 2023 and what's beckoning you in the new year in light of that. New Year's as usual just won't cut it if our goals are disconnected from the real story of what is going on in our lives.  The New Year Soul Tune-Up takes you on your heroes journey so you can put your efforts toward what matters most and enter 2024 with clarity and hope.


Join us for guided reflection exercises, group discernment, and life-changing insights to bring the best you into the world for your own joy, and for the flourishing of the world around you.

These groups are available in a one day retreat format or as four weekly meetings and begin in early to late January. They are offered online and in-person in select cities. See dates and times below in registration drop down. The cost for the group is $249 per person. If you have a small group that would like a time that isn't offered, please contact us directly.

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New Year Soul Tune-Up is $249 per person

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