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Group Spiritual Direction

Experience the gift of journeying with a small group of believers and trained facilitator who create space for you to grow in relationship with God and one another.

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What is spiritual direction?

While spiritual direction does have the word "direction" in it, the director is not there to direct your life, but serves more like an orchestra conductor who is paying close attention to the music God has written and is listening carefully to the ways the different instruments are participating in the music. For this reason, I often describe spiritual direction as a ministry of clarification and hospitality. Directors serve as a second set of ears to help you see and hear clearly what is happening in your life, and as a facilitator of time and space to be with God in that awareness of your real life. This allows God to be the real director and helps the directee (the receiver of spiritual direction) to grow in his or her capacity to discern God's voice themselves.

Group spiritual direction is a gift as it creates an opportunity to be more fully known by others, grow in the skill of listening and responding, see God's active movement in others' lives, and offer your presence and insights to help others harvest the fruit of God's work in their lives. Groups are prepped in how to be with each other to create safety and flourishing.


Your group will be led by someone in the Nuos Formation network of spiritual directors whose ministry is focused in post-Christian contexts and hold specific expertise in varying areas. 



Who is it for?

Group spiritual direction benefits anyone who desires a closer, more intimate relationship with God and others. If you already have a group of people, you can all choose to meet together with a director or you can request to be placed in a group with other individuals who are looking for a group. We will create groups based on availability and desired frequency of meeting.

What's the session length and frequency?


Group direction sessions are typically 60-120 minutes depending on the size of the group and the desire and finances of group members. The sessions happen as often as weekly or as unoften as monthly depending on what the group decides and the availability of the director. Meetings can be completed in person (if we have director in your area) or remotely through Zoom.


How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the size of the group and the number of people in the group but typically costs between $50-$80 per person, per session.


Is it confidential?

The content of your sessions may occasionally be shared with a supervision group to support your director in sharpening his/her skills but your identity will be kept completely confidential.



How do I get started?


Click the box below and fill out the form. We'll match you with other individuals (or your group) and an available director based on your answers and have them contact you within two weeks.  If we don't have anyone currently available, we'll add you to a waitlist or do our best to connect you to an alternative resource. 





If you have any additional questions email

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