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Consciousness Capacities for Collaborating with AI

Join our thought-provoking webinar as we delve into the realm of consciousness capacities and their vital role in cultivating fruitful creative partnerships with AI.

Image by Clark Van Der Beken

 Curious about the transformative potential of collaboration with AI? In our Consciousness Capacities for Collaboration with AI Webinar, we'll interact with principles to acknowledge our agency, engage in the creative interaction loop, and maintain our own identity in collaboration with artificial intelligence. Gain insightful perspectives and a deeper understanding of human-AI dynamics, equipping you to navigate the evolving landscape of collaborative innovation with confidence, clarity, and creativity.



Friday, June 9th at 11am-12pm PST


Online Webinar via Zoom. Link will be provided after registering.


There is a suggested donation of $30 for this webinar.


Julie Barrios is the Founder of Nuos Formation, a consultancy that lives at the intersection of business and consciousness.  Nuos has served the small business, start-up, and investment world with leadership development for individuals and teams.  She brings a strategic mind that stewards company culture through growth, change, and challenge. Haling from San Francisco, CA, she is especially interested in the oncoming opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies.  

Gabrielle Smith has over a decade of experience in integrative medicine and business. With a Master's degree in Business Leadership and certifications in Spiritual Direction and Integrative Arts, Gabrielle possesses a unique ability to bridge the gap between innovation and practical business applications, utilizing her interdisciplinary training to drive transformative change. Her commitment to incorporating holistic approaches and technology into the corporate world gives her a distinct lens to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of generative AI and business. 


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