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Free Spiritual Direction

Work with a student spiritual director for no charge.

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Service Description

While spiritual direction does have the word "direction" in it, the director is not there to direct your life, but serves more like an orchestra conductor who is paying close attention to the music God has written and is listening carefully to the ways the different instruments are participating in the music. Spiritual direction can then be described as a ministry of clarification and hospitality. Directors serve as a second set of ears to help you see and hear clearly what is happening in your life, and as a facilitator of time and space to be with God in that awareness of your real life. This allows God to be the real director and helps the directee (the receiver of spiritual direction) to grow in his or her capacity to discern God's voice themselves. Who are we? The spiritual directors participating in this offer are still in training. They have completed their first year of training which includes study in the life and ministry of Christ, developmental spirituality, liturgical frameworks, and attachment psychology, as well as practice in group spiritual direction and compassionate listening. They are trained in Christian spiritual direction by Julie Barrios, a spiritual director for 14 years and supervisor of spiritual directors for 12. How much does it cost? Because you are working with student directors, there is no charge. What is my commitment? There are 10 sessions a year available to you, yet you are only committed to 5. At the end of 5 sessions you and your director will re-evaluate and discern together if you would like to continue for another 5 sessions. Because these are directors in training, we would appreciate participants who understand that their commitment to meet with their director is important to their director meeting his/her training requirements. You will be setting your meeting time and frequency based on your availability and the availability of your director. The 5 meetings will be completed by the end of the calendar year. Meetings can be completed in person or remotely. As a participant, the information you share may be discussed as a part of your director's supervision requirement. While the content of what you shared will be discussed, your identity will remain completely confidential. To get started copy this link and fill out the form: We'll see if we have a director in training that could be a good fit for you.

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