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Recommended Spiritual Directors

This page has been created to provide general information about Nuos Formation's recommended spiritual directors for spiritual directors in training. The directors below generally align with Nuos Formation's philosophy and practice. Please prayerfully read the bios and consider who God might be leading you to work with. 

If you have any trouble getting a hold of someone or have any further questions, email



Aly Wilson

Aly has over a decade of experience in spiritual formation, discipleship, and leadership development. She is a trained spiritual director and transformational life coach, and her passion is holding space for people to slow down and listen deeply to themselves and God so they might live with more purpose, joy, and connection. Aly is currently serving as a spiritual director, coach, trainer, retreat leader, and pastor in Boston, MA where she lives with her husband, Josh and their daughter, Ava Jubilee.

Location: Boston, MA (online only)
Fee: $80 per session


Genalin Metcalf

I love sharing the sacred space where we grow in discernment of God's movements in your life. I love seeing people more deeply own they are Beloved. I've had the joy of seeing this beautiful work for over 16 years. I graduated from Talbot School of Theology with a MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. Soon after, I felt God leading me to Wheaton College where I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and specialized training from the Danielsen Institute at Boston University in depth therapy that is informed by spiritual, religious and existential perspectives. My approach to spiritual direction is Spirit-led and contemplative.

Location: IL (in-person and online) 
Fee: $110 per session w/ sliding scale


Jen Manglos

As a spiritual director, pastor, and writer, Jen Manglos delights in helping others discover their own belovedness in God. Embodiment, hospitality, and storytelling characterize her approach to spiritual direction, as well as pilgrimage, having completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. She has been offering spiritual direction for over 13 years, holding an MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Talbot School of Theology, and in the last few years has moved into training and supervising directors.

Location: Seattle, WA (in-person and online)
Website: Email:
Fee: Please inquire


John Stifel

As a Spiritual Director, I am privileged to accompany others in their journey of faith. My hope is that you will experience more of God’s life-giving presence, sense the places where God is inviting you toward areas of growth and freedom, feel permission to honestly explore what God is revealing, and that your experience of God’s presence will lead you to more fully love God and love your neighbor.

Location: San Francisco, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: Please inquire

Sarah McHale.jpeg

Sarah McHale

I am an artist and Spiritual Director based in Studio City, Ca. As a Spiritual Director, I serve as a
companion offering another set of ears to listen for God’s moving. I will sometimes use
creativity (collage, poetry, painting) and movement as a way to access what feels inaccessible
or unknowable within.

I received a B.S. in Psychology from University of Washington, studied Interior Design at UCLA
Extension, completed Spiritual Direction training with Nuos Formation and Group Spiritual
Direction training with Stillpoint.

Location: Studio City, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: Please inquire


Tiffin Perkins

I desire to hold a space where  a soul can come alive. I have walked a long journey as follower of Jesus, a wife, a mom, and grandma. My identity was named by what I did, but Spiritual direction has allowed me to be me, let my soul emerge, and to walk with a lighter yoke. In this next half of life, I am overjoyed to have become a certified spiritual director to help others through life’s transitions, grief, and celebrations. I live in Colorado and love to hike, swim, and enjoy the mountains.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO (in-person and online) 
Fee: $50 per session (first session free)

Bev (2).jpg

Bev Emerson

Bev brings 30 years of corporate executive experience into her Spiritual Direction as she helps to transform individuals, organizations, and families. She has been practicing Listening Prayer since adolescence and became a Spiritual Director after leading retreats and classes for a number of years. With a deep love for Ignatian Spirituality, her passion is accompanying managers and executives in their faith journey and facilitating faith-based discussions around divisive issues. Married for over 30 years with two teenagers, her happy place is hiking and paddle boarding in the mountains.

Location: Edmonds, WA (in-person and online only)
Fee: Please inquire


Jason Martinez

Hello, my name is Jason Martinez. I received my training from Nuos Formation in 2021-2023. I have been in ministry for the last 18 years, both supporting the unhoused and leading young adults through spiritual formation. In spiritual direction, I love listening and helping people connect the things that they have intellectually understood with how that is lived out and connected to their relationship with God.  I am a husband and father of three kids and I love the outdoors and being physically active: surfing, skateboarding, basketball, hiking, bicycling.

Location: San Francisco, CA (in-person and online) 
Fee: Please inquire

Jen Mounday.webp

Jen Mounday

Hi, my name is Jen. Like many people, my first half of life was marked by striving and busyness. I ticked many of the boxes of “success” at the cost of little margin in my life. I was stopped in my tracks after a wave of betrayal trauma and reckoning with religious trauma. Over time, I deconstructed and rebuilt my faith. Today, I revel in a slower, more grace-filled way of being in the presence of God and creation. As a trained spiritual director, I support people in varying life and faith stages who desire to have something deeper with God.

Location: Upland, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: $100 per session

Justine M.jpeg

Justine Martinez

Hello! I received training from Nuos Formation in 2021-2023. With a degree in psychology and 18+ years in ministry in San Francisco, I have learned to listen to the narrative of each person’s story and how that has shaped their capacity for relationship with God, themselves, and others. I offer a compassionate witness to your story and experience of God, as we practice listening to the deeper themes of how God is moving in and around you.


Specific areas of interest: art and creativity, vocational ministry, body-mind connection, cultural identity, imaginative prayer, storytelling/analogy, trauma-care

Location: San Francisco, CA (online) 
Fee: Please inquire


Sarah Trank-Vasquez

Wherever you find yourself in this moment in life, I believe God is fully with you in exactly the place you are. As a spiritual director, I'm interested in how we move toward the freedom to be who we really are; how all the identities and complexities we hold are a part of the journey into deeper connection and love. As you find more of yourself, may you discover more of God there with you.

Location: Pasadena, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: $40-$60 per session


Gabrielle Smith

Gabrielle has over a decade of combined experience in integrative medicine, pastoral care, and the healing arts. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts and Biblical Studies and an MS in Business Leadership, and is a Certified Music Practitioner and harpist. Trained as a spiritual director through Nuos Formation, Gabrielle draws from her range of experience in both art and business in her spiritual direction practice. She possesses a unique lens to see the spiritual journey through the seasons of vocation, church leadership, parenthood, and entrepreneurship. Gabrielle is mom to Gloria (5) and Judah (3), and loves a slow walk in the trees of Colorado.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO (in-person and online) 
Fee: Please inquire

jason - headshot.jpg

Jason Tom

I love coming alongside people in their journeys of noticing God in the ordinary of their lives. I’ve always been curious about the stories we live out of and where we experience God in them. Before becoming a spiritual director, I served as a pastor and have an educational background in psychology. I am a dad of two littles and have a soft spot for those in ministry and the intersection of culture and how it informs our relationships with God. 

Location: San Diego, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: Please inquire


Jessica Lacy

What I love most about spiritual direction is that it creates a space for people to come unguarded before God and bring what's authentic, even when it's unpolished. In turn, they encounter God's presence in familiar and fresh ways that deepen faith and generate freedom. I approach my work holistically and will often use the body to help people have a felt experience of grace. I am trauma and BIPOC informed and have an MA in theology from Concordia University. Spending time with my playful husband is one of my greatest joys.

Location: Long Beach, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: $160 per session w/ sliding scale


Melissa Jantz

God has met me in profound ways through my own spiritual direction journey and it is an honor to companion others in theirs. I am delighted to meet with people of any age and stage in their spiritual journey—whether that’s starting from a desire to develop a deeper understanding of what relationship with the Divine is, a longing to grow closer to God in your daily rhythms, or feeling estranged and looking for healing and reconciliation. I live in San Francisco with my husband and three teenagers and am out in nature as often as possible. 

Location: San Francisco, CA (in-person and online)
Fee: $75 per session

Shelton Oakley Hersey casualbiophoto.JPG

Shelton Oakley Hersey

I have 10 years of experience in the realm of spiritual formation and spiritual direction, first in the Christian non-profit sector in South Africa, then with seminary students from all over the world, and currently as a retreat leader, dialogue facilitator, and spiritual director here in the U.S. I hold a Masters in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and love how the diversity of this world reveals so much about the colorful God who loves us. I continue to traverse a circuitous life path of ordinary days - filled with both joy and grief - with God as my companion. As a spiritual director and mother of two little ones, my desire and joy is to help individuals become more attuned to God's love and how God is weaving in and through their life.

Location: Boston, MA (in-person and online) 
Fee: sliding scale $75-$100

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