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Kingdom Conversations

A Different Kind of Experience of Entering into Hard Spaces

We are experiencing more divisions than ever before, with polarizing opinions and deep emotional attachments resulting in broken relationships. As the Body of Christ, we are called to live in unity, honoring our diverse perspectives and unique gifts (1 Cor. 12:12-26). How do we actually do this?

Praying Together

For many of us, conversations that center around mutual respect, self-awareness, emotional attunement, equity and vulnerability are rare.  We have forgotten how to have a fruitful conversation, so we find ourselves either  avoiding difficult conversations where we maintain “unhealthy peace” in our relationships (Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering) or remaining in our own silos and echo chambers, where our own opinions become more deeply entrenched. Also, gaining clarity around a topic that requires communal discernment and different perspectives can cause similar internal tensions or an experience of being stuck. Either way, we offer a different kind of experience.


The fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-26) form the framework for the way we will engage one another.  How do we tangibly practice patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, faithfulness and peace when we feel pain, threat, fear, grief, anger and more?


How we converse and engage with one another - when grounded in shared commitments and practices guided by the fruits of the Spirit - can be the very unifying experience we long for and that Jesus prayed for on our behalf (John 17:20-23).

In this workshop, you will bring your team (up to six individuals per session) into a professionally facilitated space where your group will practice having hard conversations that hold mutual respect, self-awareness, emotional attunement, equity and vulnerability as the foundation.

The specific structured conversation will be customized around the issues that are polarizing you and threatening to fracture relationships. Your facilitators, Spiritual Directors, are trained in facilitating fruitful and vulnerable conversations surrounding difficult issues and experiences.  They borrow from the model of Reflective Structured Dialogue, designed over 30 years ago by Essential Partners. It was developed for deep sharing on complex issues, and rests on resilient and deep listening from the group. 


Kingdom Conversations combines this evidence-based conversation model with the ancient Spirit-based model of deep and transformative listening. Participants not only get the opportunity to engage in a healing and fruitful conversation but also specific space to reflect on their emotional reactions, leading to deeper self awareness and the ability to respond rather than react to others.


In most cases, experiencing healing in ourselves and increased awareness and understanding of what is happening inside us rarely happens on our own. An abiding trust in God (the ethos of Spiritual Direction), with guidance (an external facilitator), and community (intentionally invited dialogue participants) create a container and mirror to be able to experience just this.

To learn more listen to this brief podcast.



Workshop Details

A Kingdom Conversation Workshop takes place in 1, 2 or 3 movements and can be formatted to fit your time and the specific needs of your team.

A DIALOGUE EXPERIENCE (One session - up to 6 people)

-  Initial Conversation and Needs Assessment

-  Customization of Dialogue

-  3 hr Workshop includes introduction to the framework and hands-on practice building trust and increasing levels of vulnerability and resilience in conversations through

  • Facilitation of a 2 hour structured conversation based on the Essential Partners model with a topic and question arc specifically identified to build resilience in conversations that evoke tension within and among participants

  • Facilitated conversation space ensuring equity amongst all participants

  • Space to reflect on one’s own emotions and reactions

  • Space to reflect on each other’s stories and perspectives

  • Practice in asking and answering questions in ways that promote deeper understanding of self and others

  • Guided group reflection on the experience



DEEPER MOVEMENT (Two sessions - same 6 people)

 -  Initial Conversation and Needs Assessment

 -  Customization of Dialogue

 -  3 hr Workshop includes introduction of the framework, building trust and increasing levels of vulnerability and safety through

  • Facilitated space to equitably respond to specific questions that slowly build to the edge of individual’s comfort level

  • Space to reflect and feel one’s own reactions

  • Space to reflect on and feel each other’s stories

  • Practice in asking and answering questions in ways that promote deeper understanding of self and others

  • Group reflection on the experience


 -  Follow up with Facilitator and Customization of Second Dialogue

 -  Second 3 hr Workshop to dive deeply into the topic that your group has identified as central. Continued building of relationship, understanding and deepening listening to each other and self through:

  • Facilitated arc of questions around the core topic

  • Space for ever deepening awareness of values and stories that inform opinions and positions, beliefs and actions

  • Space for awareness of emotional attachments in self and others

  • Practice asking and responding to participants’ questions out of wonder and curiosity

  • Guided group reflection on the experience customized based on feedback and the two structured conversations




Available to those who have been through Deeper Movement above and are interested in facilitating these dialogues for their own communities or others. Customized training based on participants’ experience and background.

Who is this for?

  • Individuals with a community of friends, committee members, co-workers, family members, etc. interested in experiencing a healthy conversation and developing practical, healthy and effective conversation skills

  • Church staff, lay leaders or lay members

  • Work teams

  • Management and Lead Teams

  • Community Groups

  • Groups of Friends

  • Family



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