Start Up?
Start Inward.

Open Your Eyes to a New Way of Becoming for You and Your Business

Blind spots will converge into an emergency you don't see coming.

We form teams that

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Identify problems before they become problems.

Clearly name the dynamics contributing.

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Develop new language, capacities and practices.

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Build the culture you truly want with intentionality,  competency, and sustainable health.

Business Meeting

Nuos Formation offers a holistic approach to leadership development that integrates the leaders' whole life and includes mind, body and spirit. This raises leaders' EQ, develops intuition and sets them up to be a truly non-anxious presence in their organization. These foundations give leaders the ability to pivot when challenges arise and master the art of business improvisation with wisdom and skill. 

Leadership Formation

Casual Meeting

Culture Formation

​Liturgies, while usually associated with religion, are simply the formative practices, language, symbols, rituals and rhythms we take part in every day. Your liturgies are what hold and form your company's culture. Develop your company's liturgy so you can scale a culture that allows your team to navigate challenges with resilience, elegance and joy.​

Corporate Chaplaincy

New challenges require a more nuanced approach to staff support that acknowledges the evolving needs of the professional environment. Corporate chaplaincy provides the support your team needs.  We function as a type of “third space” (neither corporate, nor therapeutic, while at the same time both) that offers employees permission, opportunity, and safety to show up fully to work in the complexity of their humanity while maintaining and supporting a healthy professionalism. 


One of the benefits that comes from this kind of team care is the cultivation of three primary capacities -- attunement, interior articulation, and active listening. As employees and managers develop these skill sets they're enabled to care for the entire person in the midst of the increasing overlap of personal and professional life. This makes for stronger, happier teams. 


My cofounder and I came out of our sessions with a much fuller maturity and understanding of what we are really trying to achieve as a company. We now have a deeper confidence to reach boldly and confidently to create something special.
- Jeff Wiguna, CEO/ Cofounder, Kuju Coffee

It is axiomatic that leadership growth requires personal growth of the leader. Julie's approach to leadership development has been to support me as a leader as I seek to understand my basic leadership impulses and to co-narrate the journey of self-discovery.
- Diana Smallridge, President and CEO/ Founder, International Financial Consulting Ltd.

Listen to Founder, Julie Barrios interviewed in the podcasts below.

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Julie begins talking at 6 minutes.