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Assisi House

Located in the San Francisco Mission District, Assisi House hosts a myriad of events including individual and group retreats, workshops and spiritual salons.

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Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion is a modality of Spiritual Direction facilitated by Julie Barrios and Jenn Yoo to support Christians in a more deeply embodied prayer life. Events are hosted at the Assisi House throughout the year. Find out more here.

Cup of Tea

Digital Detox

In our over connected and over-screened lives, we sometimes need a digital fast to reconnect with our own hearts and the heart of God. Digital Detox experiences are offered throughout the year- weekends, day retreats and even device free meals. Email

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Personal Retreats

Rooms at Assisi House are available for personal retreat by request for a small fee. Contact us or email to inquire about availability.

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