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A New Way of Becoming

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Face the truth of what’s happening.

Anxiety spreads. 

Founding comes with stressful challenges, and this stress shapes culture more than you may realize. These challenges are invitations to expanding your leadership strengths and clarifying your company’s mission.

Health scales. 

The culture of the venture begins within you, and it’s never too early or too late to start cultivating it. Tap into the wealth of resources you didn’t know you had and watch them grow all around you.

Meet the founder.

Cultures are built with liturgies.

Liturgies, while usually associated with religion, are simply the formative practices we take part in every day—our conscious and unconscious habits—from checking our email, to taking coffee breaks in the afternoon. 

Julie Barrios, founder of Nuos Formation, designs personal and cultural liturgies. 

Trained at Talbot Institute for Spiritual Formation, she has honed her skills through fifteen years of experience as a spiritual director. Over the course of her career, Julie started noticing a pattern:

Toxic liturgies create toxic cultures.

We've seen it in the news. Often, the most significant contributors to this phenomenon are underdeveloped leaders.

When leaders unknowingly introduce destructive practices into their companies, it can lead to anxiety, confusion, and high turnover. 

Today, Julie is devoted to helping organizations flourish, where culture maximizes innovation and job satisfaction. Her extensive knowledge base as well as her experience with ancient methods of personal development enable Julie to approach her clients with a refreshing posture: hope.


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