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Take a Breath of Better

Experience the joy of deeply fulfilling work in a wholehearted courageous culture.

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Develop New Capacities

Courageously Do Something New

Exhale -- You're Feeling Better Already

You want more because there is more.

Many people find themselves longing for something more, something better but can’t imagine what that is. All of us are limited by our current capacities, but new capacities mean new possibilities. It’s time to try something new.


Face the truth of what's happening.

Anxiety spreads, but health scales. If you’re living on the hamster wheel, there are reasons for that. Identify them and choose to live in the rhythms that scale health. Whether you are an established company or a startup, it’s time to start inward. 

Professional Formation


Spiritual Formation

Give more space to the breath of life.

Being a human is difficult. We are continually living in the tension of being both creative and powerful and small and vulnerable. Honesty in these tensions is where we find true grace and hope.


Nuos has created space within our organization to elevate the importance of mental health and provided an emotional safety net during inevitable seasons of chaos. The investment in Nuos continues to yield tangible results by increasing team member retention, protecting morale, and identifying weaknesses across the organization.

-Morgan Lopes, CTO, New Story Charity

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Create a culture that keeps on giving- fresh air for your business and for you.

Respond to
the invitations around you and your business. 

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